tuesday 2-25-14

Google slides is good because it is very easy to up-lode to other webs. It is pretty easy to find things on their. You also can find pictures really easy and the ones right off of Google images. so then you dont have to go to the other websites to find the one then download. i would rather use Google docs then using power point now that i am understanding what it is.


I don’t like power point because you have to save all the time. But on google docks you don’t have to save it ,it saves by it’s self. Now if power point could change and do that i think it would be alot more different. I would use it if it was more laid out to it is sometimes hard to find things that you need.


i would more likely to use google docs. because it is very easy to upload stuff to your class.                       website. it is really easy you can do all of that in one. this is why i couse google docs.


i did lots of projects in school. last year i did a prize project. this year i did a power point on a dead seintest. and last year we did more power points on animals and sports and lots more we did. that is what we did last year.

wed. 1-29-14

i think we can use are cell phones. So when we get all of are work done we can play games on it and not disturb any buddy.and we can do work on it if we dont have the use of a laptop we could use are cellular devise to finish work. that is why i think we should use are phones.

1-27-14 monday

well a plumber would need to learn to type because when they go back to the office they may need to right a reformat about the work that they did. And if they ever went to a different job theta types a lot then that would be trouble. he should really learn how to type so he has it for life that is one thing that you should really kern what to do is type. it will help you in life something or another time. that is why you should learn how to type.